North Facing House Vastu Plan: Vastu Shastra Tips For Bringing Luck

By Investoxpert | 28 Oct 2021 | Vastu

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North Facing House Vastu Plan is an auspicious direction as per vaastu shastra. The north direction is meant to be for Kuber, the God of wealth, according to Vastu. 

To take t he complete advantages of north-facing homes, the entire house should be Vastu-compliant and the defects should be rectified beforehand. Out of all directions, the east, north and north-east-facing homes are most auspicious. 

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What Is A North-Facing Home?

North facing home is a home with its entrance in North direction but many people believes that a house is north facing if there is a road on the north side of it, which is not at all right. The correct way to determine the direction of a house is by evaluating the position of its main door through a compass.



Are North-Facing Homes Good?

Every direction is good as per vaastu and no particular direction is considered bad but only provided they adhere to the some principles. For example, it is important to note the placement of the door and the main door.

For the occupants, designing a north-facing house is auspicious as particularly for people involved in financial services or those running their business. North is the direction that is associated with planet mercury. Therefore, ideal for people working in the banking and financial services, travel, hospitality and printing and publishing industries can benefit from a north-facing property.

It is important to follow vaastu shastra principles for a north facing house while construction to make it luckier and good. 

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How To Place The Main Door In A North-Facing House Plan?

While planning a north-facing home, the main door should always be in the north direction of the house. To be more precise, even in the north direction, the fifth step or pada is believed to be the most auspicious one. It is meant to bring more wealth, because it is the house of lord Kubera.

If that is not possible to place the house in 5th Pada, then the 3rd, 4th and 8th padas, which are Mukhya, Bhallat and Diti, respectively, are also considered equally auspicious. You can choose any of these padas for the main door placement that will attract wealth.

There are nine equal parts distance between the north-east and north-west out of which fifth pada is auspicious.



Why Are Padas Important As Per Vastu Shastra?

Every Pada in the north direction is auspicious and a north-facing home is considered good. But still, if you are planning a new north-facing home then note the following for prosperity:

To Attract Wealth

Each pada hold its importance and is a determinant of what kind of energy you are letting into your home. If possible, place the door in the fifth pada to attract money as already described that it is the house of Kuber.

Alternative to fifth pada

In case, the fifth pada is small or not fitting for the main door then the owner can choose to have the entrance in first to fourth pada, as well. However, not leave out the fifth pada. Even, if no option is there then one can use the sixth to ninth pada also if you have no option at all to place it in another pada.

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Be cautious if you are planning to place the main door or the entrance in the first pada as it is advisable to leave some space and not let that touch north east corner. 

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North-facing house Vastu plan



Slopes In A North-Facing Home

For a north-facing property that is auspicious for you and your family, avoid a plot that slopes from the north to the south.


It is not a compulsion to have a kitchen in the north-east corner. It should be in the south-east or north-west direction. One can also choose the south-east or south direction for the kitchen.

Avoid clutter

North or North-East side should always be clean and tidy as you should not keep trash there. Because it is connected with negative impact on your financial status and development of the children.

Trees In A North-Facing Home

North side of your home should not have trees.

Placement of holy items

Holy items that include religious symbols such as the Swastika, Om, sacred paintings, etc., should not be kept cluttered.

Electricity circuit board

South-East zone is perfect for keeping electric circuit board as it will help in balancing the distribution of energy, across the house.

Direction of septic tanks

The north-east direction should be avoided to have a septic tank.

Bedrooms/toilets in a north-facing home

North-east direction should not have Bedrooms and toilets as per Vastu. The master bedroom should be in the south-west region.


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Study room in a north facing home

The study room can be located perfectly in the east, north-east, or north-west direction of the home or flat. The study room should never be placed in the south-east or south-west corners if you have a north-facing house or flat. Try placing the study table in such a direction that the face of the student while studying is towards the north-east, east or north.

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North-facing home office

North is the wealth direction and so as work from home is introduced now, thus home offices in the north can help in financial gain. Make sure you place the workstation facing the north direction and ensure that there is a wall behind you. 

And for career growth, one can even place a fountain in the north. Also, keep the work station clean and clutter free towards the north-east. Opt for a high-back chair and a wooden desk, to attract success.

Pooja room

Pooja room is an important place to have in your house, and the owner can have it in the north-east. East and west are also ideal for the pooja room. In general, Indian temples are designed in the west direction. This will ensure that the idols of the deities face towards the east direction.

Guest room

The guest room should be in the north-west.


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What Should Be The Level Of Land In A North-Facing Home?

The level of the floor on all parts of a North Facing Home should be lower to have good results. And if the north side of the house is higher, the result is bad. Even when the north side land is on a higher level, it is not good.

Safety locker in a north-facing home

Safety locker is good when kept in the South and facing the North in a north-facing home. The door of the locker should preferably open to the north, which is the direction of โ€˜Kuberaโ€™ (the god of wealth) as per Vastu. Be cautious as one should not place the locker in the north-east corner, because it may cause loss of wealth.

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Ensure luck in the north-facing home

A north-facing property, if extended to the north-east side, can bring greater luck. A well-built north-facing property can bring good health and leadership development of the women in the house. 

Placing a tulsi plant in the north, north-east or even, east will ensure that negative energy is converted into positive energy. Metal wind chimes and Metal turtles can help the north and the north-west areas of the home that brings good luck, especially related to career.

Also, place a Vastu Kalash in the north-east to boost positivity. Keep a few pieces of camphor balls for good and pure vibes inside the home. A set of two elephants helps in bringing good luck and love when placed towards the north direction in the bedroom.

Placement Of A Staircase In A North-Facing Property

Financial difficulties can come up if you do not place the staircase in the north direction. You may use the south, west, south-east, south-west, or north-west direction for building the staircase. Placing the staircase in the north-east direction may cause nerve-related problems.

Always have the stairs in a clockwise direction.

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North-Facing Homes And Women In The Household

The south-east is a direction that is linked to planet Venus. Since the planet is related to women, and if the south-east is not Vastu-compliant, working women or women generally may not have a good time. Make sure that a well-lit area if the main door or the bedroom door opens in the south-east. In case the north zone is open and wide or has a water tank or source of water here, it is considered good for the growth of the woman. Damage to the south-east, north-west or west zone can cause health issues or can suffer an unsuccessful career.

Vastu For North-Facing Plot

The boundary walls in the north and east should be thin and small in comparison to the walls in the south and west direction. Please ensure that the slope of the north-facing plot is not in the south-west direction, as it can cause loss of wealth. It is better to have the slope of the plot in the north or the east direction. A plot with extension in the north-east direction is auspicious and brings prosperity. 

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Who Should Prefer North-Facing Property?

North facing property is ideal for people who are into businesses or finance, such as accountants, chartered accountant, bankers, investors, stock market traders and brokers for growth in their workplaces. Communication and e-service providers, astrology and Vastu services, tour and travel services or those into the hospitality sector, may also these facing houses profitable.

Besides, those with Cancer (Karka), Scorpio (Vrishchik) or Pisces (Meen) as their zodiac or rashi, will also find north-facing properties ideal.

Is North Facing Home Good For Senior-Citizens

If there is any senior citizen who is retired and spends time in spiritual and religious work, then they can be allotted the room in the north, northeast and the east. 

Though, the head of the family should occupy the south west or south-facing room but if the head is not working then the above mentioned exception can be done. 

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Avoid Things In The North Direction

  • Do not settle for the main entrance in the north-west direction.
  • No toilets, bedrooms, or kitchens should be in the north-east corner. It is better to seek Vastu expertsโ€™ advice for remedies, if the bathroom is in the north. A simple Vastu dosha remedy for a toilet in the north, is fixing Vastu copper strips on the toilet door frame. Keep salt inside the toilet and replace it every week.
  • Do not let wastewater outlets be placed in the south or north.
  • Do not buy a north-facing property without looking at other things that work well for you.
  • Do not place the door in the sixth pada.
  • Gardens or your nursery should not be in the north-west.
  • The underground tank should not be in the north-west.
  • Do not paint the house in red or maroon colours. Ideal colours are white, blue, beige, grey or green for a north-facing home as per Vastu.
  • Septic tanks should not be in the north, north-east or east direction.
  • No mirrors should be placed in the south or south-east side of the plot.
  • Avoid having a heavy pillar on the north-east side while constructing a house. Such a pillar can create lots of problems in life.
  • Avoid black colour marble slabs for the kitchen in the south-east zone of a north-facing house.
  • The curtains of the north-facing room should be light green in colour. To overcome financial woes at home, hang blue-coloured curtains in the north-facing room.
  • Avoid red or yellow colour paint for the front side of a north-facing house.

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 Vastu Shastra For Garden In North

As the saying of Vastu Shastra goes the garden is either placed in the north or east direction. 

North- Small plants 

East- Fruit-bearing trees 

No large trees in north as the plantโ€™s shadow should not get obscured. Also, you can place swings in the north or east direction. Decorate the garden pathway with Jasmine plants on both sides, as it is considered auspicious. No rock gardens but a fountain in North is considered good.

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Plants For North-Facing Home

In a north-facing home, there are few plants that can boost positivity and bring good times. As the plants need indirect sunlight as they grow well in bright and well-lit condition. Placing them in north-facing window or in the front balcony is just perfect. 

Also, place a money plant in the northern part of the house to attract positive energies. Take a note to not have mango, banana or lemon plants in the north direction. In a north-facing balcony, one can grow tulsi (which is auspicious), spinach, lettuce, mint and parsley.

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Why are north-facing homes considered popular?

North-facing homes are considered auspicious, because north is the direction of Kuber or the God of wealth.

What are the best colours for north-facing homes?

Toned and warm shades of white, cream, khaki, warm grey, green and warm blue colours, are good.

What should the name plate be made of in a north-facing house?

A metal name plate is ideal for the main door in a north-facing house.

Can one have water bodies like lakes, wells, swimming pools, etc., in the north direction?

The north direction is good for water bodies, such as lakes, fountains, pools, wells, etc.

Which paintings are ideal on the north wall, according to Vastu?

The north and the north-eeast direction represent the water element. So, hang blue colour or water-related paintings in these directions of your house. One can also hang a calendar with a pleasant picture on the north or the north-east of the house.

Can I hang a clock in the north direction?

The best direction, according to Vastu, for a wall clock is the north, as it is ruled by Kubera, the god of wealth. This can help to keep financial woes away.

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