What Are The Numerology House Number 1 Significance?

What Are The Numerology House Number 1 Significance?

By Investoxpert | 01 Jul 2021 | Guide

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What Are The Numerology House Number 1 Significance, Number 1 is the symbol of power, independence and leadership. It almost suits everyone and mostly houses for sale having number 1 is ideal for people who like to take control of their life. Number 1 is ruled by Sun and is perfectly suitable for the people who wish to possess power, leadership quality in their life and want to be self-reliant.


Numerology is a study of numbers according to one’s horoscope. According to it each and every number has its own importance and significance. Also, every number casts different impact and influence on people. The impact could be related to your any kind of financial need, health degradation, loss of career opportunities, as well as any issue in family life.


Not only the birth numbers, destiny number or life path numbers affect our life but also house number holds a lot of importance as per numerology. Let’s know better about the impact of apartments for sale with numbers that total to 1 (i.e., 1, 10, 100 and so on...)


Who should prefer Numerology House number 1?


Though Number 1 leaves no negative impact on anyone but still as it is ruled by the SUN, it attracts people belonging to the Leo sun sign. As per the experts of numerology, the people who would like to live their life independently should opt to buy residential property with number 1.


• This number 1 comes out be favourable for individuals in leadership positions.


• Aspirational people who are searching for houses can make a move to number 1 as they are best suited for them.


• People wanting to follow their dream job or passion can opt for house number 1, as the energy and strong vibe will make them more self-reliant.


• A fresh start can be a great decision for the people living in house number 1.


Who Should Avoid Owning House Number 1?


• Number 1 houses should be avoided by the couples are sooner planning to start their family.


• People who have modest means and live on a tight budget.


These housing properties usually require a lot more of maintenance and care. Therefore, a substantial amount from your earnings can go into keeping up with the maintenance of such properties.


What Can Be The Impact On Your Life With House Number 1?


There are impacts of house number 1 on the owner as any individual staying can be targeted by loneliness and aggression. But you can balance that energy of such properties by putting up an even number at the back door.


But why choose an even number to neutralise the effect? It is so because even numbers are divisible by two and helps in promoting sharing and companionship among the residents. These houses can also be great place that helps you in finding a right partner and friends that will control your temper. Thus, properties for sale should be bought on basis of numerology if you believe in it only.


House Number 1 Home Décor Should Be Like


• Have huge and open windows without any disturbance and hindrances.

• Choose the colour scheme in different shades of white, orange or gold.


This will help in promoting the feeling of independence and openness within the houses.


What Precautions Home Owners With House Number 1 Should Take?


Usually, as per numerologist’s home owners with having house number 1 face the problem of poor eyesight, heart and blood circulation problems. Thus, the owners should get their blood-pressure checked at regular intervals.


These houses are more exposed to catch fire because they hold the aggressive energy; therefore fire alarms should be installed in such homes. Home owners of number 1 flats for sale may need to invest in life coaching or counselling, to fill the personality gaps in their life.


Individuals should prepare in advance as the residents of such houses are more prone to power struggles and can bring out your survival instinct. Also, they are more often to be tested on leadership skills. Hence, precautions are better than cure always.



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