Vastu Tips For Choosing A New Apartment

By Investoxpert | 26 Jun 2021 | Vastu

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Vastu Tips For Choosing A New Apartment, Vastu is important when you think about buying a new home or an apartment. There are various Vastu tip and techniques of the property that you must check. Vastu Shastra is basically the science of Indian architectural study. To create a positive aura and the best living spaces, vastu plays a vital role.


Live a happier life, full of wealth, health and prosperity in the vastu-compliant residential project. Now days, this ancient practice has gained popularity while any real estate space transaction. So, get ready to identify the best places, plots and structures for residential, as well as commercial purposes.

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What are the Vastu tips for new flat?


• Vastu Tips For Apartment Entrance


A good entrance is a way towards a blessed living, the first and foremost point to consider while buying a home is to always look for the entrance. The entrance holds the key to ushering in positivity and happiness for the entire family lifelong.


Each space has 32 directions that can be the entrance of a building and holds their pros and cons on the lives accordingly. Either an affordable flat or luxury project, Vastu plays a crucial role.


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Which is the best direction for entrance?


An entrance in the North or North-East is always considered to be auspicious. The inhabitant can expect great success in monetary and business matters, as well as opportunities and growth in the career.


It will be good if you go for a vastu-complaint entrance but still if your chosen property or apartment does not have it, you can still buy the property and apply certain simple Vastu remedies.

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Which direction for entrance should be avoided?


A south-west entrance is among the least Vastu-compliant entrances of a apartment or exclusive villas for sale and can affect in terms of monetary and relationship issues to a great extent. An entrance in the south-east zone can lead in delayed payments.


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• Vastu Compliant Room Direction


It is not just the entry but the every part of the house to look for the vastu compliance. If you want to have maximum benefit from the room, you should have the correct location for that. Each room holds the positive or negative effect, on the lives of residents of the house, depending on the direction in which it is located.


Living Room or Drawing Room in EAST Zone is best for developing and strengthening social connections.


Bedroom between the east and south-east should be avoided as per Vastu as it may result in increased anxiety, stress and disagreements with one’s spouse.


 South- East is considered to be ideal for kitchens in your premium residential apartments.


What should be avoided?


Never have a toilet between the north and the north-east zones in the house, as there is no remedy even in the vastu study for that. It can severely affect the immunity and health of the family members living in the house. One should avoid having a kitchen in the north-east and south-west zones.


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• Panchtattava, Analysis Of The Five Most Important Elements For Survival


Panchtattava refers to the main five elements in a living space and constitutes water, fire, air, earth and space. It is significant for a good life to verify that each of the 5 elements or Panchtattava, is present in their respective zone mentioned below. In a 3 BHK luxury apartment for sale having 3 bedrooms, kitchen and a hall make sure everything falls in place.


 Water- North Zone

 Air- East Zone

 Fire- South Zone

 Earth- South-West Zone

 Space- West Zone


• Vastu Remedies For Apartments


Vastu remedies are a great tool to eliminate any dosha or vastu non compliance in a living space. But what if you have purchased a property or booked by paying token amount? Still, nothing to worry about as the modern Vastu applications


What if you have already purchased a property or paid the booking amount? In such cases, you can use the fourth check of Vastu – space programming. With modern Vastu applications and techniques, there is no need to deconstruct or demolish your property.


Through very simple and effective Vastu remedies and techniques can help you balance the elements in a particular zone and welcome prosperity in the living space. The remedies can be done using colours, shapes, lights, metals and symbols, are highly effective in this regard.

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Checklist of Important Vastu Points for Flats


 Entry to your home


The logic behind having the entrance of a home in North or the North-East direction is to ensure that the living space is naturally lit throughout the day. As per Vastu Shastra, south or west entry to your home is not recommended because towards noon, the infrared rays that come into your home will have a severe impact on your health.


 Bedroom


Bedroom is a place where you rest, relax and a sound sleep. A 2 BHK residential flat for sale should have bedrooms in the south-west corner to make your home a peaceful and tranquilising abode.


NOTE: Vastu does not recommend irregular-shaped bedrooms. So, only go for square or rectangular bedrooms only.


 Vastu and the kitchen space


According to vastu study, kitchen is well-fitted in the South-East Direction. Never have a kitchen in front of the main door. This is to ensure that food should be prepared in the east direction. Also, remember never to combine fire element i.e. HOB and water element i.e. sink in one alignment.


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 Vastu for kids’ bedrooms in flats


In a 3 BHK featured apartment, one room will be dedicated to kids of the family. Consider only the north-east or even the north-west zone of the flat for child’s bedroom. Having windows should be on the north wall, as it facilitates ample natural light in the room and restricts the entry of harmful infrared rays.


 Bathrooms and toilets in your flat


Though, many buyers do not consider the direction of bathrooms and toilets in the flat. But, it is important to check whether the bathroom/toilet is in the north-west or south-east corner of the flat. In addition to this, always avoid having the toilets right next to your pooja room and kitchen.


 Yoni numbers and Vastu


There are eight positions of the house with respect to the brahmasthanam and Vastu. YONI is the birth place or place of origin of the house.


Main Directions- North, East, West and South


Corner Directiosn- North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West


Yoni number for each direction of the flat


Yoni number Direction of the house

1 Eastern house

2 South-eastern house

3 Southern house

4 South-western house

5 Western house

6 North-western house

7 Northern house

8 North-eastern house


Thus, whenever you decide to invest in residential property or commercial, you should definitely look for vastu compliance properties for more benefits and happy times. Hope this blog has got some basic vastu understanding for you. Happy investing!!!




Which entrance is good for flat?


Every direction holds its importance and significance. But for entrance the most favourable is North or North-East. But, if your chosen apartment does not have a Vastu-compliant entrance, you can still buy the property and apply certain simple Vastu remedies.


Which facing apartment is best?


All directions are equally auspicious but the provided you follow some basic Vastu rules. But considering the fact North and East are good to look for the facing of an apartment.


Does Vastu really work?


Vastu is a science, more like a thumb rule to follow when buying a property. Yes, if you believe it will work for you for sure.

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