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The guidance value, sometimes referred to as the circular rate or ready reckoner rate, is the lowest amount below which a real estate transaction is permitted in the state of Karnataka. This Property Value In Bangalore is determined by a number of variables, including the area's infrastructure, amenities, and location. It is regularly updated in accordance with the current of the real estate market. 


The Department of Stamps and Registration, Karnataka, regulates Guidance Value in Bangalore. It is also known as the Ready Reckoner (RR) rate or Circle rate in other States. Both built properties and land parcels are used to calculate guidance value. Plots are valued based just on the area of land that is available, not including any built property. Composite value is the amount determined for all built properties, including the land.

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What Is Guidance Value In Bangalore?

A buyer must pay the minimum amount required for a property, known as the guidance value. The highest price (market rate) at which a property may be sold, however, is uncapped. The total cost a buyer pays for a property, including all utilities and other infrastructure, is known as the market rate. It appears that a property's market rate exceeds its guidance value. The main sources of income for the Karnataka government are stamp duty and registration fees, which are computed using the Guidance Value.


The State government updates the guidance figure once a year in an effort to close the difference between the two. That being said, the most recent update to the guiding figure will take effect on October 1, 2023, five years from now. The government raises more money through stamp duty and registration fees because to the value adjustment. In the real estate industry, closing the gap between guidance value and market rate contributes to reducing the flow of illicit funds. When Guidance Value is revised upward, the property's market value rises as well.

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How To Find Market Value Of Property In Bangalore?


Steps To Calculate The Guidance Value In Bangalore

In Bangalore in 2022, the Stamps and Registration department introduced KAVERI, an online platform for calculating guidance values.


The steps to compute the Guidance Value in Karnataka are listed below:

  1. Visit the KAVERI webpage or look for "Know Your Property Valuation" online.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose the district, taluka, area name, and village.
  3. Choose the measuring unit, the total area, and the type of property usage.
  4. Your screen will display the values.
  5. There are 42 Sub-Registrar Offices in Bangalore (Urban) that are responsible for regulating and evaluating Guidance Value. The State government has established five Sub-Registrar Offices for rural areas.


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What Factors Influence The Guidance Value In Bangalore?

The guidance value in Bangalore is influenced by a number of things. Among them are:

  • Demand and Supply of Properties: The guidance value of a property is contingent upon its demand. The guiding value will be high in an area where there is a significant demand for real estate.


  • Facilities: A property's guidance value is influenced by the facilities in a certain region. A property's guide value will be high if it is situated close to important facilities like parks, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers.


  • Infrastructure: One important element influencing the guidance value is the infrastructure. A property with strong infrastructure, like efficient public transportation, will fetch a higher guide value.


  • Government policies: The government has a significant influence on a property's guidance value. Periodically, the government may update the guiding value to reflect changes in the market.


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How Does Guidance Value Impact Property Transactions?

A significant influence on real estate transactions is the guideline value. The following are a few ways that the guideline value affects real estate transactions:


Stamp duty and registration fees: The property can be registered at the guidance value, which is the lowest value. Therefore, the guideline value aids in figuring out the stamp duty and registration fees that apply to a given property. In this case, it indicates that increased stamp duty and registration costs will follow higher guideline values.


Negotiation: When negotiating a property deal, the guidance value may come in handy. With the aid of guide value, the purchasers can bargain for a lower property value. Conversely, the seller may use the same to provide a greater price. 


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Bangalore's Guidance Value: Most Recent Update (December 2023)

Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) may raise housing unit prices in response to the state government's October rise in guideline value. The plan to increase apartment costs by roughly ten percent is scheduled for debate, according to BDA officials. The subject will be discussed at the next BDA meeting, which is scheduled for the first or second week of December.


There could be difficulties with sales given that over 1700 units across ten distinct projects are still unsold at the time of this prospective increase. Kommaghatta, Kaniminike, Doddabanahalli, Valagerahalli, Nagarabhavi, and Konadasapura are the locations of the BDA projects. The ambitious Puneeth Rajkumar Housing Complex, an ambitious villa project by BDA located in Hunnigere hamlet near Dasanapura in North Bangalore, will also be subject to the planned price hike. 

By January 2024, it is projected that this complex would have about 322 opulent homes for sale.


On October 1, 2023, the revised guiding value went into effect. Following the modification, the guiding value climbed by 25โ€“30 percent on average. The rates in Karnataka have not changed in the last five years, despite the state's revenue minister, Krishna Byre Gowda, stating that revisions should be made annually to prevent unlawful transactions.


The guiding value was raised by 10% in regions where market rates and guidance value were comparable. In regions where market rates are roughly 200 times higher than the property's guiding value, it rose by 25โ€“30 percent. Since market prices and guidance values in a specific area shouldn't differ much, the rates were adjusted in accordance with the law.


The amended prices will be introduced in Bangalore during Phase I and then progressively extended to other districts following appropriate deliberation with subcommittees at each district level. Opposition to the revised rates may also be submitted by residents. 


Periodically, the government also provides rebates. A 10 percent rebate was previously implemented in an effort to revive Karnataka's real estate market. This discount was first offered until March 31, 2022, and then it was extended until July 31, 2023.


What Is The Process To Apply For A Stamp Duty Refund In Bangalore?

The procedure to apply for a stamp duty refund varies depending on the state, just as the stamp duty value varies. In the event that the sale deed is cancelled, the buyer of the property will receive a return of 98% of the stamp duty. However, the buyer must deposit an application for a stamp duty refund.


In order to initiate the process of receiving a stamp duty refund, the buyer must provide the following documentation with their cancellation application:


  • Original Sale contract with specifics of the agreement
  • Original Cancellation Deed for the being bought property
  • To learn more about Bangalore's stamp duty refund procedure, it is advised to speak with the sub-registrar there.



In order to make an informed purchase decision, it is necessary to be aware of the most recent Market Value Of Property In Bangalore and guidance value if you intend to purchase a new property in Bangalore. For all buyer types, including male, female, and joint property owners (male and female), the valuation would stay the same.


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