Four-Factor Criteria To Buy An Uber-Luxury Home In Mumbai

By Investoxpert | 19 Dec 2023 | Real Estate

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Although the word "luxury" is most frequently used in the Mumbai real estate market, buildings that cost as much as Rs. 1 or 2 crore are still considered to be luxurious. 


When it comes to properties costing over Rs 20 crore or even more up to Rs 100 crore per unit, the luxury factor increases significantly. These purchasers are interested in the neighbourhood and community that go along with the location as well. They are purchasing a way of life rather than just a place to live. 


Because the stakes are so high, luxury house purchasers are now assessing projects based on modern criteria in addition to the traditional ones, such as view, timeliness, and building quality.


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What’s Fuelling The Demand Of Luxury Homes In Mumbai?

The market for premium residential homes is being driven by factors such as strong economic growth, infrastructural development, foreign investments, changing ambitions, fast urbanization, and the allure of exclusivity and prestige.


Over the past few years, the Indian real estate market has undergone a considerable transition, with luxury housing emerging as a noteworthy category that has attracted the interest of both investors and homeowners. Among the major Indian cities, Mumbai—often referred to as the financial capital of the country—stands out as a center for the building of luxury property. The causes driving the desire for luxurious dwellings are highlighted by the growth projection for luxury housing in Mumbai and throughout India.


High-end residential properties that provide remarkable living experiences and are characterized by first-rate amenities, contemporary architecture, and advantageous locations are referred to as luxury housing. Over the past ten years, there has been a notable surge in the demand for luxury homes in India due to a number of causes, including altering lifestyles, preferences, and economic realities.


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Factors That Impact The Demand Of Luxury Homes In Mumbai


  • Exclusive And Boutique Offerings

Exclusion is the ultimate symbol of luxury. An independent bungalow is the epitome of luxury when it comes to ultra-luxury homes. Purchasing a home in a building with a restricted number of units is the next best option. A discerning buyer, for example, would rather live in a building with 10 apartments than one with 200. 


Larger buildings have less privacy and more neighbours. Large societies provide a less exclusive experience in terms of parking, elevator wait times, facility utilization, and other areas. They also have more diverse viewpoints and distributed decision-making when it comes to social and communal issues.


The more upscale the building, the fewer apartments on each floor, and the greater the seclusion, the more astute purchasers will choose structures with fewer apartments on each floor. The exclusivity quotient and luxury quotient are very different. Additionally, choosing a project with a floor plan of one dwelling per floor offers the bonus of a 360-degree view.


  • Location

As they say, location is everything when purchasing real estate. In keeping with the proverb, buyers are increasingly focusing on microlocations. For example, Worli is regarded as one of the most desirable locations because of its infrastructure and connections. Even inside Worli, a tower nearer the main sea-face road and one that is accessible through narrow lanes and by-lanes differ greatly from one another. Even though the area's interior areas also have a Worli address, Worli Sea-Face—which has already become Mumbai's version of Billionaire's Mile—is far superior.


  • Neighbours

Super-premium property buyers look for communities of like minds among their neighbors and in developments they purchase. This becomes increasingly pertinent given that the vast majority of ongoing projects are redevelopment initiatives, and the bulk of these projects are being created as composite buildings that house both the new homeowners and the previous occupants. 


Residents from two markedly different segments and mindsets end up as members of the same building unless the property is large enough to allow separate towers for the former inhabitants and new occupants. When the expectations and capacities of the various parts collide, there is an increased likelihood of conflict in the future in such a situation.


In order to prevent this kind of situation, astute purchasers intentionally favor buildings that solely consist of apartments for sale; this is contingent upon receiving the requisite information from the developer. Certain developers create an impression of exclusivity. 


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  • Planning and layout

Buyers of an ultra-luxury home are evaluating the layout planning in detail. Let’s look at those factors: 


  • The availability of a distinct service entrance—and, more crucially, one that is truly back of the home, where a service elevator enables access for service staff to the service entry without disturbing the owners. 


  • Large homes frequently receive several service calls from contractors, delivery agencies, repairmen, caterers, etc.; true luxury necessitates the timely completion of these tasks.


  • The standard of the staff accommodations, the quantity of staff accommodations, the presence of gender-specific restrooms, etc.


  • Sufficient lighting and ventilation in restrooms and kitchens.


  • Planning with efficiency in mind to minimize the number of paths so that valuable space is not squandered. Due to their greater efficiency and space, single design are actually preferred by consumers over duplex ones.


  • Column placements and the layout's consequent adaptability to individual preferences.


  • When it comes to design, purchasers are particularly interested in projects that separate living spaces from bedrooms so that there is no conflict or disruption for any family members, particularly during social events.



Developers and industry players need to remain aware of how the tastes and expectations of high-end consumers are evolving as the luxury housing market continues to change. The real estate sector can further take advantage of the growth potential brought about by the demand for premium housing in Mumbai and throughout India by adjusting to the changing landscape and delivering on the promise of luxury.


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