What are the top 10 Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Pune

By Investoxpert | 16 Aug 2023 | Real estate

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Pune is known for its literal, social, artistic, and political substance and scenic surroundings. Its history can be traced back to as early as the 8th century when it was known as Punnaka, ruled by Rashtrakootas and appertained to as Punya Vishaya, meaning a holy region.

 Later, during the 17th century, it became the critical ground of the great Maratha sovereign, Chhatrapati Shivaji. It was the center of the dominion of the Peshwas. Under their rule, tabernacles, auditoriums, and educational establishments prospered in the megacity.

In the last two decades, Pune has significantly changed. The structure has dramatically bettered, there's better connectivity, and it has become a central IT mecca. All these have paved the way for economic possibilities and for real estate investing.

Pune is an interesting megacity in the parameters of its majestic history and noble and bright present and unborn. 

The residents have watched to save the rich culture despite the industrialization and socio-entertainment capitals. Hence, Pune is a rare binary- the image of a megacity where the custom meets the contemporary.


The Rising Real Estate Markets & Investments In Pune

Everyone is chancing a house in Pune, from pensioners to professionals, therefore funding Pune's real estate. numerous prominent domestic systems are being developed across Pune to house the growing demands and population. There has been significant growth in property rates in certain areas.

Popular neighborhoods of Pune have seen a rise of 50.3 in total property appreciation since 2021. It shows how investing in Pune yields better ROI. 

The prospects are exceptionally high in some areas due to their strategic position and flawless connectivity. Further, employment openings are immense in Pune. 

These reasons add to making Pune an investment avenue with advanced returns on investment. Let's find out the points for how to invest in Pune, and where one can invest for domestic and marketable purposes.


Top 10 Points That Are Stylish For Real Estate Investment In Pune


• Hadapsar

Hadapsar is known as the" Gateway to the Western Ghats." It's one of the finest and top-rated points in Pune. Being a well-developed area and a prosperous domestic mecca, Hadapsar is home to some of the stylish domestic systems in Pune. 

The area has a neighboring field, a road station, and NH-65. The SP Infocity and the Hadapsar Industrial Area are crucial employment capitals.

The megacity's most reputed hospitals, Bhujbal, Dharmadhikari, and Medicare Multispeciality Hospital, are around the corner. The position includes seminaries like ORCHIDS, The International School, and Mentor International School. 

Also, there are numerous clubs like Agent Jacks ’, Altitude for Perfect Escapism, and recreational avenues like the Amanora Mall and the Seasons Mall. this place has the best ready-to-move flats in Pune.


• Kharadi

Kharadi is located on the eastern side of Pune. It's known for its IT premises, Kharadi Village, and numerous small-scale diligence, which makes it the stylish office space for trade in Pune. 

Kharadi being near to Pune field and the road station, makes the commute easier for residents. The area is known to house a plethora of domestic and marketable office space in Pune.

The position has colorful educational institutions similar to Gurukul High School, Bharti Vidyapeeth School, etc. Also, the area has some well-known hospitals like Columbia Asia and Rising Medicare Hospital.

For recreational purposes, the promenades are Phoenix City Mall and Sky Max Mall. Further, the position houses some of the most popular and visited bars and cafés in Pune, like Original Gastro Bar, Fly High, and more.

If you are looking for the best low-rise apartments in Pune, you must visit Kharadi.


• Viman Nagar

Viman Nagar is a domestic area in Pune. It's well connected to its girding areas and has good structure and amenities making it suitable for real estate investment in Pune.

It houses stylish seminaries like Wisitek Academy School, New Wisdom International School, and Arnold Central School. Also, some of Pune's extravagant promenades, Phoenix Marketcity Mall and Seasons Mall, and Hospitals like Apollo Dental, Practo Care Surgeries, and Shree Hospital are nearby. 

The position has some stylish clubs like Mi-A-Mi, Original Gastro Bar, and further for those looking for a place to let loose.


• Mundhwa

Mundhwa is on Pune's eastern outskirts. Mundhwa is benefiting from its closeness to major IT zones in Pune. It offers easy access to the New Airport Road and the Pune Railway Station. 

Mundhwa is home to several reputed seminaries like the Orbis, Rise High, Lonkar School & High School, and Jagriti Public School.

Shopping and recreational places like the Seasons Mall, Amanora Park Town, Inorbit Mall, and Phoenix Market are located in the vicinity, along with leading hospitals similar to Columbia Asia, Gaikwad Hospital, and Himadri Himani Ganga Hospital. 

Mundhwa offers decent prospects for unborn appreciation and property rates. thus, it's in high demand for real estate investment in Pune.


• Kondhwa

Kondhwa is located in the southeast of the megacity. It's Pune's swift-growing exurb. Kondhwa is well connected to the Pune train station and the field. 

It's strategically connected to the Mumbai- Pune Highway via Katraj. Artificial growth and the IT sector's growth have led to retail development, which is well suited for marketable purposes.

The area offers its residents some estimable seminaries like The City International, Delhi Public School, and Amanora School. 

Hospitals in Kondhwa include Columbia Asia, Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, and Sanjeevani Nursing Home.


• Pimple Nilakh

Pimple Nilakh has all of the advantages of a great megacity position. It has propinquity to the Mumbai Pune Expressway and colorful IT companies and tech premises, expanding the domestic growth in Pimple Nilakh. 

Numerous real estate inventors in Pune, like Wadhwani, Muktaa Developers, and others, have some of their stylish domestic systems then.

It's equipped with an essential social and communal structure. The position houses colorful seminaries, including Laxmibai Nandgude International, Bharati Vidyapeeth English Medium School, and numerous others. 

The major hospitals in Pimple Nilakh include Elite Healthcare- Datar, Dhanwantari Hospital, Lifeline Hospital, and Metro Hospital. Regarding the adding price trend and the rise in demand, Pimple Nilakh seems a stylish property in Pune for investment.


• Baner

Baner is a borderline area of northwestern Pune that has grown to be a promising real estate hotspot. Baner's well-developed physical and social structure is suitable for real estate investments. 

Reputed healthcare centers, educational institutions, shopping complexes, and recreational installations are available. It's substantially preferred by luxury home campaigners, affordable homebuyers, crackers looking for rental options, and indeed HNIs and NRIs.

With further metropolitan crowds settling in Baner, the social life has also grown. Baner's popular retail cum entertainment places are Westend, Reliance, and Xion Mall. 

Further, Baner's bars and cantina scene brings to life the nights and is great for those who want to decompress after a long day at work. Bars and beaneries like the Urban Foundry, Elephant &Co., and numerous further fit all kinds of fests.


• Balewadi

Balewadi is in the northwestern part of the megacity, on the circumferences of the megacity's major sections. Over time, Balewadi has shown implicit growth in the real estate, IT, and real estate sectors, which is a good sign for investors. 

It has good connectivity with the metro line. The region has a sufficient quantum of seminaries and marketable premises. Balewadi's primary hospitals include Pearly White Dental Clinic, Apex Eye Care Clinic, and LifeLine Hospital.

Furthermore, Balewadi is amongst the go-to places to relax and delight the escapism. 

The position is bulging with cafes, bars, and cafes. The rearmost addition to the position is 2.0 Culture Pune, which has formerly come a moment megahit.


• Wakad

Wakad has grown into a significant position and has become a sought-after destination to live in due to its good structure and amenities. 

It's equipped with premier marketable and domestic systems, a wide range of social structures, and communal amenities. 

Wakad has excellent and the best luxury villas in Pune.

The area has reputed seminaries, hospitals, and recreational capitals. One of the major reasons why Wakad has seen enormous growth in the once many times is its propinquity to the Hinjewadi IT Park. 

Also, clubs and beaneries in the position make it ideal for busting the stresses of an incredibly tiring week. All this makes Wakad a largely economic marketable and domestic area.


• Hinjewadi

Hinjewadi, a crucial job mecca in northeast Pune, is a favored investment destination due to its best affordable housing projects in Pune. Its biggest locational advantage is its propinquity to the Expressway that connects with Mumbai's business sections. 

The region is veritably well-connected with other important regions in the megacity and the state. The region houses chains and occupiers from the IT and ITES sectors. As a result, there's a growth in domestic and marketable space.

It boasts top-quality hospitals and educational institutions like Mercedes Benz International School, Blue Ridge Public School, and Pawar Public School. 

Further, City Care Hospital, Sanjeevani, Gurukripa Hospital, Sai Hospital, and Lifepoint Multispeciality Hospital are well-known hospitals in the area. 

Further, Jonky Cafe & Brewery and Irish Village Brewery in Hinjewadi are some of the stylish places for post-work hours.



With the promising appreciation of property rates and an emotional range of systems offered by real estate prices and famed builders, Pune has surfaced as the top choice for residents and outside NRIs to invest in Pune for domestic and marketable purposes.

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