YEIDA Ready with Jewar Airport Environment Clearance Report

Last year, an appraisal committee of the environment ministry had raised objections to the environment assessment report prepared by YEIDA for the Jewar International airport and asked responses on specific seven queries. Officials are now ready with their report and will seek final environment clearance from the Union Ministry of Environment, Climate change and Forest. The Ministry will review the report in the next week.

Officials have clearly specified in their report that how the development agency will re- establish blackbuck and Sarus habitats, number of saplings it will plant against to cover the loss of 11, 000 trees that need to cut and how to shift 14 ponds earmarked for the project report. The report covers all seven specific queries that are raised by the appraisal committee of the environment ministry last year in the month of June. The committee has asked for a conservation plan for fauna and birds in consultation with the WII (Wildlife Institute of India).

The sources further informed that the WII need a conservation plan for habitats of Sarus cranes, blackbucks and peacocks that lie within the airport area. One of the other points that the committee highlighted that YEIDA needs to take permission from the forest department for cutting down the trees and specify the number of saplings they will plant against it. To the response, YEIDA replied that it is planning to cut 11,460 trees and plant 10 times more saplings against it.

One of the forest department officials said,”We have given permission to cut down the trees. The administration, forest department along with YEIDA will identify approximately 50 hectares of land outside the Jewar Airport and plant trees there”.

The committee also need a detailed plan from YEIDA that how they will conserve waterbodies of the area including 14 ponds and irrigation channels. YEIDA reported that it will shift the 14 ponds outside the airport’s boundaries and create drainage channels in a nearby village. The committee had even asked for a wind rose diagram and a revised corporate environment responsibility report from YEIDA. Both the reports have been prepared.

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