What is the Difference between Super built-up, Carpet Area and Built-up Area?

The saleable area is one of the most important factors determines the price of residential property. Super-built up area, carpet area, and built-up area are three terms interchangeably used by developers while selling the real estate property not only in Greater Noida or Gurugram but across the country. However, all three terms have different meanings. So, it is necessary to keep yourself well-armed with the right piece of information before indulging in real estate transaction. Let us clearly define the three most important terminologies used by real estate companies.

Carpet Area – The name clearly indicates what it means. The carpet area is the net usable area of the house easy to cover by the carpet. It is the area which excludes balcony, terrace or external walls but includes the thickness of the inner walls of a house. As per the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, it is necessary for developers to clearly disclose the carpet area of every property based on which sale price of the property is calculated. Usually, the carpet area is 70% of built-area of the property. For instance, if any property has built up area of 1100 sq.ft, then 770 sq.ft., would be the carpet of area.

Built-up Area – It is the total area comprising of the outer line of the flat and thus includes a terrace and balcony. It includes the usable area i.e. carpet area as well as the area of terrace and balcony. Due to the fact, the built-up area is little more than the carpet area. To continue with the previous example, if any property has a super built-up area of 1100 sq.ft., then the built-up area would be 880 sq.ft.(i.e. 80% area of the property).

Super built-up area – The super built-up area includes the built-up area of the property and common areas like a staircase, elevators, lobby, shafts, etc. Most of the developers charge property price on the basis of super built-up area, also known as a saleable area. Some developers even include clubhouse area, indoor sports room area, security room area in a super built-up area. The underground water or septic tanks, open sports facility, open to sky swimming pools and compound walls area are not included in the super built-up area.

The real estate terminologies are confusing and it is not possible for a homebuyer to change these practices. However, s/he can make an informed decision by having precise knowledge of these terms. If you have been looking for a residential real estate property in Noida and Gurugram, take the valuable assistance from leading real estate consultants, Investoxpert. The Noida based company enjoys a sound track record of dealing with customers in a transparent and ethical manner.

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