Rs 600 Crore for 3 Villages Cleared for Jewar Airport Land

There is good news for 6 villagers of Gautam Budh Nagar district as the administration has started with the compensation process for 6 villagers on account of land acquired for building proposed Jewar International Airport.

The total amount required for compensating the people of 6 villagers are Rs. 2,852 crore whereas the administration has cleared Rs. 600 crore for three villages – Banwariwas, Parohi and Ranhera. For the remaining three villages – Rohi, Kishorpur and Dayanatpur, approvals are soon expected.

“Meerut Commissioner Anita Meshram cleared the approximate amount of Rs. 276 crore for Parhoi village and Rs 308 crore for Ranhera village. The district magistrate of GB Nagar has cleared approx. Rs 16 crore for Banwariwas village. For the remaining three villages comprising of 9000 families, the compensation award has been sent for clearance to Meshram”. The administration further remarked that 1239 hectares of land is required for construction in the first phase. The land area belongs to 8971 families. Out of these, the land of 3627 families identified as suitable for acquisition.

The farmers of these villages were asking four times compensation for their land. However, the Allahabad High Court dismissed their petition. The Court remarked the area as urban and ready to offer the benefit a little more than the twice the circle rate of Jewar. Because the case was in the court, thus no construction activities were taking place at the Airport.

Original Source : “The Times of India”

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